The 2014 book fair will take place on Thursday, April 3 from 10AM – 8PM at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Over 60 small presses will display handmade chapbooks and artist books of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Publishers include:

Airfoil Chapbooks
Argos Books
Barebone Books
Berl’s Poetry Shop
Big Lucks
Big Wonderful Press
Birds of Lace
Bloof Books
Bridge Journal
Brooklyn Arts Press
Center For Books Arts
Chax Press
Couch Press
c_L Books
Deadly Chaps Press
Diez Press
DoubleCross Press
Editions Plane
El Aleph Press
Fields Press
Finishing Line Press
Flying Object/Factory Hollow Press
Folded Word Press
Great Fainting Spells
Greying Ghost
Harlequin Creature
Ink Press Productions
Least Weasel Chapbooks
Little Red Leaves
Magic Helicopter Press
Mellow Pages Library
Monk Books
My Day
New Documents
New Herring
No, Dear
The Operating System
Organism for Poetic Research
Overpass Books
Peaches & Bats
Phantom Limb
Poetry Crush
Poets Wear Prada
Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
Projective Industries
Publishing Genius
Purgatory Pie Press
Slapering Hol Press
Slate Roof Press
The Song Cave
Swamp Books
Toadlily Press
Trace Editions
Ugly Ducking Press
Well Greased Press
Whitewall of Sound
Yale Union